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School starts in just a few weeks. This year has been such a weird scheduling time and it has been a challenge for the counseling department and for parents/students. If you have been with Encore for a while, you know that last school year we had a good old-fashioned scramble for people to choose their classes. This scramble lead to a less than 5% mistake ratio with schedules on the first day of school. It was the most successful master schedule we had ever put together.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with a scramble, our students worked with their teachers directly to pick their classes. We had a one hour block where students literally had a copy of the schedule for the fall and then they stood in line to get teacher signatures to get into the class that they wanted during the class period that they wanted. Counseling was there to assist and the entire master schedule was complete in an hour. It was beautiful.

Covid-19 took away our availability to hold a scramble for the upcoming school year. We just couldn't figure out how to make sure that everyone had completed their schedule remotely in this model. Couple that with Covid placing even more hidden variables for what starting would even look like and it has pushed decisions for the fall back immensely. As a result of all of this and with Encore trying to be flexible, we sent out "docusigns" for school schedules and emergency paperwork in hopes of being able to get responses from all of our families. This was a good idea on paper, but the execution had only a minimal success rate. For students that we did not have schedules for, we sent them email copies of schedules in hopes of being able to get course requests back, but we have still have had issues getting schedules back from everyone. This is the biggest breakdown we have had with our program due to Covid. Thankfully, we still have plenty of time to fix it.

Our counseling department is doing all that they can to make sure our kids are supported in such a weird time. If you did complete the course request sheet they are working very hard to make it work, but there is a high percentage of kids that did not complete the course request sheet. This time of Covid has just been very confusing when things that have always been done one way, now have to be reimagined.

In order to make sure that all of our students are properly supported, I have added a temporary contact form for students to choose their classes online. Please take some time today to fill out this form so, in the event that you have not selected courses yet, our counseling department can still work to get you the most accurate information as possible. I again apologize for the redundancy in this request, but we want to make sure we get it right. Thank you for your patience and your cooperation.

After you have completed your form, please share with everyone you know that attends Encore so we can work to make sure that we have all of the pieces to this very intricate puzzle. The more information we have today, the better and more precise our master schedule will be on September 14 when we start school.

The link for the course selection is located at

This link will be active for the next 10 days to help make sure that everyone is on the same page on the 14th. Thank you again for helping us in this interesting time and we look forward to the start of the school year. Have a great day!

We are excited for a great year. Thank you for your ongoing support of youth arts and thank you for your ongoing support of Encore High School.

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