COVID-19: 100% at home school available during the pandemic

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100% Home Study Independent Study With Covid-19 making the world uneasy and unpredictable, you can sign up for 100% full time independent study through Encore via Zoom. This means that you can continue to take classes from your home online using Encore's program. Home Study students can log in to live classrooms and be able to get help in real time or complete courses at your own pace. With Covid in place, you can continue your education without coming to campus at all.

Encore is still offering three separate programs in the fall: Independent Study, Hybrid Study (2-3 days per week), and Traditional Seat Based Programs.

Covid Program:

Encore students that are enrolled in a full time independent study program are assigned an independent study coordinator. 

The independent study (IS) coordinator has a caseload of about 25 full time students.​

The IS coordinator completes IS contracts with the student each semester and creates an academic plan.

The IS coordinator sends messages home to parents and students each week detailing academic progress for the student.

The IS coordinator communicates with the credentialed teacher that is teaching/overseeing/tutoring the course(s) that the IS student is enrolled in.

The IS coordinator helps schedule Zoom class observations, online peer tutoring, online teacher tutoring, and online testing.

The IS coordinator proctors the weekly tests and has a weekly online meeting via Zoom with the student regarding academic progress.

Encore IS students are responsible for:

Logging on to class every school day.​

Communicating with IS coordinator and teacher upon completion of work to be graded.

Meeting with the IS coordinator online every week via Zoom.

Maintaining academic progress according to the academic plan.

Communicating need and desire for tutoring or additional help.

For Encore's Covid Independent Study program, students are enrolled in one semester course at a time and are required to complete a semester course every five weeks (one unit per week). Students are required to log on every school day and take tests every week online. They are also required to meet with their IS Coordinator once per week for a specific appointment about academic progress.

All Independent Study classes use online curriculum that is proctored and graded by a credentialed teacher. 

The Encore Difference:


In order to remain innovative in education, Encore is seeking to build all academic classrooms as technology based headquarters where courses can be scheduled and viewed by traditional, hybrid, and independent study students on and off campus.


Using the technology available for education, each classroom will be equipped with three separate television screens.

First television will be equipped for projections, like a Smart-Board

Second and third television will be equipped for real time viewing of what is being recorded or broadcast

Teachers will be required to pre record "emergency sub plans" so substitutes will be able to play a teacher's lesson plan in the absence of the teacher.


Using Zoom Technology, Encore will stream and record lectures given by teachers in every class.

Students enrolled in classes will receive periodic emails to let them know what lectures are coming up and when they can tune in to watch them live.

Students will be able to log in to the live feed to take part in real time to watch the lectures on their computers or on their smart TV from home.

For students that log in to the live feed, they will be able to ask questions in real time via chat. The teacher will assign an in class student to ask questions that come up from remote students.

Students would be able to log into streaming courses every time based on the recording schedule. They would also have the opportunity to log in to classes and lessons taught by more than one teacher.


Encore's teachers will download recorded sessions and make them available on their Google classrooms so students can rewatch or makeup missed classes. 

Having most lectures uploaded to Google classrooms will give students the opportunity to view lectures out of class.

Students will be able to rewind lectures.

Students will be able to stop lectures.

Students will be able to replay lectures.


During the initial Covid-19 stay at home orders, Encore recorded all live sessions that were offered by teachers. During the 20/21 school year, teachers and instructors will be able to use this recorded database (almost 3,000 classes were uploaded) for extra credit, sub plans, and homework help for students. 


  • Students enrolled in Encore’s Hybrid or Independent Study programs get to experience the opportunity to drop into classes as they need.

  • Students can sign up to be a part of the arts programs.

  • Encore’s ASB will invite IS and Hybrid students to take part in all Encore activities through daily announcements and special emails sent to their student email account.

  • Students have the opportunity to audition for productions, special projects, and teams that happen on the Encore campus.


  • Hybrid and IS students are also invited to take part in any and all field trips that they would qualify to attend and any and all on campus competitions.

  • IS Students are welcome to Friday rallies and special events like prom, graduation, carnival, festival, and the annual suicide prevention walk.

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Denise Griffin, CEO is the author of this blog for Encore Education Corporation. Part of Encore Education Corporation is Encore High School, a free public performing arts regional high school in Southern California grades 7 - 12. Encore's program is currently taking applications for the fall 2020 enrollment. Encore offers full time, hybrid time, and independent study programs. Encore offers transporation from the Inland Empire and the high desert. Where arts and academics grow together. WASC Accredited. Copyright 2020.

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