Encore Accelerate

Encore Accelerate gives each student that is advanced in their academics and advanced in their arts program and opportunity for blended learning that incorporates online coursework with traditional classroom experience. Students have access to all courses including AP, CTE, and Honors courses.

The Instructional Focus for Encore Accelerate is to give students an opportunity to approach their arts focus as a career and to develop the advanced skills that are combined with approaching their art as a day to day job. Students enrolled in this program attend school beyond full time. They take a full caseload of classes during the regular the school day, generally broken into academic courses on one day in their block and their career arts program on the other day of the block. They also take one to two online courses separate from the regular school day to accelerate their academic learning process and create depth of mastery for multi-tasking and becoming project oriented.

Encore Accelerate is currently tied into three main professional honors career arts programs that earn the student honors credit. They are expected to work after school, before school, during school breaks, and on weekends to complete the projects associated with these courses. A basic calendar is given at the beginning of each semester to better understand the commitment.

The current Professional Arts Careers Honors programs offered with Encore Accelerate are:

  • Ambassadors (Professional Performing Artists Program)

  • Street Band (Professional Musicians Program)

  • Pro Indies (Professional Film & Film Actors Program)

You know your child. If your student is a self-starter and is incredibly motivated with an entrepreneurial spirit, then this program may suit your student's needs. There is an audition/interview process to be accepted into one of these programs and you must be in at least ninth grade to be considered for the program. They must be willing to work hard and want to be a part of a very driven team.

Encore Accelerate has had more valedictorians and salutatorians emerge than any other program on campus.

To be considered for the Encore Accelerate program, contact the school by emailing info@encorehighschool.com

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