English Learner (EL) Master Plan

At Encore, our goal is for English learner students to become competent in areas of comprehension, reading, speaking, structure of the English language through the integrated use of second language methods and strategies.

Identification of Students and Services Offered

Home Language Survey

Encore administers the home language survey as part of the initial enrollment in the school (on the enrollment forms).

English Language Proficiency Assessment

All students that are coming to Encore as a new California resident who indicate that their home language is not English will be tested with the Initial English Language Proficiency Assessments for California (ELPAC). The Initial ELPAC has three proficiency levels:

  • Initial Fluent English Proficient

  • Intermediate English Learner

  • Novice English Learner

The ELPAC has two separate assessments:

  1. Inital Assessment (IA) - The ELPAC IA identified students as either an English Learner or as fluent in English. The IA is given only one time during a student's tenure within a California public school system and is based on the results of the home language survey. The score given locally is the official IA score. The IA is given to students in grades K-12 when they indicate that English is not the primary language spoken at home.

  2. Summative Assessment (SA) - English Learners will subsequently take the SA every year until they are reclassified as fluent English proficient. The ELPAC SA is administered to students that were previously identified as EL from the IA results. The results of the SA are used as one of four criteria for student reclassificatoin, assigning appropriate EL support, and to report progress of student.

The tests are administered by the English Learner Coordinator that is certificated in administering the ELPAC assessments. Each assessment is completed one on one and are administered within two separate testing windows.

The IA testing window is year round. Any student with a primary language at home that is something other than English as determined by the home language survey at enrollment AND has not previously been administered the IA shall be assess for English language proficiency within 30 calendar days after the date of first enrollment in a California public school, or within 60 calendar days befoe the date of first enrollment, but not before July 1 of that school year.

The SA testing window will last four months, commencing February 1 through May 31. The SA will be administered to all currently enrolled English Learners to assess progress during the testing window.

Encore will notify all parents of the responsibility for ELPAC testing and of ELPAC results within 30 days of receiving results from the publisher. The ELPAC will be used to fulfill the requirements under the Every Students Succeeds Act for annual English proficiency testing.

Student Support Curriculum

Students in Levels 1 and 2

  • Junior High: Students will have individual pull-out support at least once per week for 45 minutes that includes teacher developed curriculum including authentic and other ancillary materials. Students will be enrolled in a weekly ESL class that meets once per week for 90 minutes.

  • High School: Students will be enrolled in an English as a Second Language Class as their primary English class for one full school year.

  • All Grades: Students will use teacher developed plans with standards based curriculum to acquire Basic Interpersonal and Communication Skills (BICS) and transition to Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency (CALPS)

  • All Grades: Teachers will use instructional technology and SDAIE strategies to deliver content supporting language learning during all courses within a student's block. Teachers undergo professional development at least twice per year to drive the improvement of English Language Learners academic success.

  • English Language Development - This includes four parts of language: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Although empasized speaking and listening, the purpose of ELD is to help EL students develop strategies and skills through direct instruction. Designated for Levels 1 and 2 - In junior high, this includes a 90 minutes class each week for intense language development. In high school, this includes an English Second Language course embedded into the student block. Effective ELD improves academic success by explicitly focusing on the language. Aligned to CA ELD standards, ELD instruction is research and standards-based. It is structured through a scope and sequence of language and provides specific language objectives. This instruction teaches vocabulary, syntax, grammar, discourse, functions, and conventions.

Students in Levels 3 and 4

  • Students will have regular individual pull-out support that includes teacher developed curriculum including relevant, standards based materials and support coaching.

  • Teachers will use instructional technology and SDAIE strategies to deliver content supporting language learning during all courses within a student's block. Teachers undergo professional development at least twice per year to drive the improvement of English Language Learners academic success.

  • Students will have access to additional peer and teacher tutoring each week.

  • Desginated ELD - is used for teachers to intentionally teach English to help build a strong English language foundation. This level of instruction includes interactive activities that are carefully planned and focus on all components of the English language. Students meet regularly each week to complete these lessons.

Integrated ELD - All teachers that provide instruction use integrated ELD methodology to provide core content to English learners. For students that are levels 1 - 3, teachers use a variety of strategies to ensure comprehension, including primary language support provided by technology aides. Integrated ELD promotes deeper understanding of the English language and provides access to a broad core of study with standards-based core curriculum using scaffolding.

All English Learners have access to an A-G curriculum. Encore uses research-based methodology to support EL students. All students are evaluated on a regular basis through benchmarks, reviews, and quizzes.

All levels of English Learners will have support tailored to them based on individual development. Classroom teachers will provide differentiated instruction in a general education classroom setting.

The EL Coordinator/Paraprofessional will work with students individually or in small groups so they can gain the language skills to succeed academically.

The English Language Developement (ELD) component of the program supports ELs through:

  • Qualified staff in second language pedagogy

  • Access and implementation of integrated ELD

  • Use of Integrated ELD strategies - frontloading vocabulary, chunked reading, graphic organizers, visual aids, guided practice, independent practice, pre-reading strategies, text annotation, mini-lessons, modifications for assessments, and varying methods to check for understanding.

  • Friday classes and summer school for English learners are also offered.


El students are monitored by the counselor/intern counselor assigned to the EL student caseload. Watching for adequate progress toward acquiring English proficiency and appropriate academic progress are key benchmarks.

All interventions go through the same process:

  • Inital meeting with EL Coordinator to discuss teacher/parent concerns

  • An assessment that determines specific area(s) of need

  • A plan of instruction that target needs

  • Progress monitoring by the EL Coordinator

  • Implementation and instruction with multiple opportunities for feedback


Encore maintains and English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC), which meets regularly during each semester. The meetings focus on curriculum taught in the school, skills for success, and parent support for college and career readiness. The ELAC also provides input for the annual LCAP.

All EL students have access to a teaching staff qualified in second language pedagogy, tutoring, and summer school programs.

Encore meets all requirements of federal and state law relative to equal access to curriculum for those who are English learners. Encore will adopt the Encore English Learner Master Plan (April 2021). The goal is to provide high quality curriculum and instructional programs that will support English learners through graduation and college/career readiness.

Initial and Annual Parent Notification

Returning parents are notified annually of their child's ELPAC results and placement in the program prior to school starting each year. New students and parents are notified as soon as initial testing results have been received.

For a student to qualify as a designated Initial Fluent English Proficient (IFEP), students must score a minimum of 450 on the inital ELPAC. Notification to parents will include:

  • Reason student is identified as EL

  • Test results

  • Available services and methods of instruction

  • ELD exit requirements

  • Parents' rights

Student Progress Monitoring and Reclassification

Progress is monitored throughout the year by the EL counselor and the EL coordinator. Overall student growth is measured through the following devices:

  • ELPAC scores

  • Teacher Evaluation - show oral and written samples of student work portfolios

  • Benchmark test Scores

  • SBAC test scores

  • Parent input

The EL coordinator and counselor review data points four time a year to ensure all English learner students are on track for reclassification.

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