Fine Arts Career Programs (CTE)

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Encore's Fine Arts Program infuses both the technique needed to master the arts world in a variety of genres with the expertise of taking that mastery and turning it into a viable career. When you collaborate both schools of thought for arts courses, you create a future for young artists that are pursuing them as a career.

We encourage people to download the full program document in this blog to get an understanding of the Encore CTE arts program, but also want to share the programs that are available for completion at Encore.

  • Sector: Arts, Media, Entertainment

  • Pathway: Design, Visual, and Media Arts

  • Career: Visual and Commercial Arts

  • Pathway: Performing Arts

  • Career: Professional Choreography (Dance/Cirque)

  • Career: Professional Music

  • Career: Professional Theatre

  • Pathway: Production and Managerial Arts

  • Career: Film/Video Production

  • Sector: Fashion and Interior Design

  • Pathway/Career: Fashion Design (Costume)

  • Sector: Food Service & Hospitality

  • Pathway/Career: Culinary Arts

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