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(Photo above is from Phobia Cabaret 2019.)

Halloween is not cancelled this year at Encore, it is just going to be a little different. The preparations are being made every day with Encore's ASB and Class of 2021 to give the high desert an experience that they will not soon forget, a celebration of one of my favorite holidays of the year.

The Drive Thru experience will take people by the carload through about a 45 minute drive in maze haunted experience. There are eight stop zones for stories and scares, including a socially distanced car trick or treat zone upon exit.

Guests will drive in through the "out door" of the Encore campus lower parking lot where they will check in and wait for their car's turn to join the experience. Tickets to the event are sold by the carload and you can put one person per seatbelt into the car. Average ticket price is about $10 per person in a four seat car. (Tickets are $30 per car for the first hour of each day and then $40 per car for the later tickets.)

Guests will be prompted to turn to a spotify playlist to help get them into the mood before they enter the experience. They can play this spooky music in their car via bluetooh.

As they pull into the experience, they will be told a series of ghost stories (socially distanced, using FM radio, outdoor speakers, and masked characters / non human characters within the experience.) Jump scares, creepy props, masked characters, and scary stories will lead you through this unique event.

Guests will be led through the experience by traffic movers dressed in hazmat suits. At each stop, guests will be prompted to turn off their engines and use their car stereo to hear the story. There are 8 stops on the trail with a couple drive through experiences to add to the adventure. Using live actors, recorded projections, and special effects each stop will tell a spooky creepy pasta that will be hard to forget. Once you are in the experience, you will need to complete the course in the specific order of appearance.

There is a Friendlier version of the haunted experiences from 5 - 6 pm where the stories are still told, but without jump scares to help with the more faint of heart and the younger set that want to see creepy but don't want to be startled.

With thirteen years of theater props from some very scary, thrillseeking shows - Imagine the amount of props and sets that will be built into this experience. The volunteers and actors will not touch your car, but they will be scary. Can you face your fears?

With CDC Guidelines, this Halloween event has been planned to make sure that Halloween still offers fun this year. KNOW BEFORE YOU GO:

  • You must have a ticket purchased online before you arrive.  Reservations are required to maintain CDC Guidelines.

  • Tickets are for the entire car.  You can put one person per seat belt into your car.

  • Cars cannot be more than 7 feet tall. Cars not be extended (like limos) have a trailer or dual axels.

  • Drivers need to show proof of driver's license and insurance before entering the experience.

  • Plan on being here for a little under two hours. Tickets are blocked by the hour and a new car will be put through the maze about every five to eight minutes.

  • The maze is anticipated to take about 45 minutes to get through once you leave the initial staging area.

  • All attendees are required to wear a mask if they roll their windows down during the experience. (Which we recommend rolling down the windows.)

  • Guests must stay in their car, except to use the restroom.  If you leave your car to use the restroom, you must wear a mask.

  • All cars need to have at least one Smartphone in their car to get the best experience.  Sound will be able to be played through your car. 

  • Proceeds from this adventure will go to the Encore Class of 2021 and Encore's ASB. Encore Education Corporation is a nonprofit organization. (This event helps fund Encore Social, Prom, and Graduation.)




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