Head Administrative Counselor

Updated: Apr 4

Academic Program: VVC Dual Enrollment / CTE Completers / CALPADS Mrs. Esther Haskins


Mrs. Haskins has been with Encore since 2010 and oversees the entire counseling department. Having earned her Pupil Personnel Services Credential and Master of Arts in Educational Counseling in 2006, Esther Haskins has been working as a school counselor locally in the High Desert. In 2011, she had the opportunity to join Encore High School as a member of the school counseling staff. In that capacity, she has worked with grades 7 through 12 on social emotional struggles, behavior challenges, academic needs, college admissions and career planning. Mrs. Haskins enjoys meeting students and finding ways to help them in their journey through school, setting and accomplishing their goals. The unique privilege she has working with students in her role is one that she treasures daily. She also works with the partnerships with Victor Valley Community College and Encore's Special Education Department.

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