Honors Program

Students can opt into Honors programs when they display the minimum requirements to enter the course.

An Honors class is one that has been created with more rigor and depth that are designed for students who want to and can handle a challenge academically. Encore offers these courses in all grade levels in a variety of courses. They are recommended only for students that are accelerating in traditional regular classes. They do have increased amounts of projects and homework and also require a summer project to be completed.

For students wishing to explore Encore's Honors program, they should contact their counselor directly. counselors@encorehighschool.com

Grades 7 - 9: Ms. Candic Carter ccarter@encorehighschool.com

Grades 10 - 12: Ms. Sarah Terrazas sterrazas@encorehighschool.com

High School Honors Courses that are A-G Approved at Encore:

  • Advanced Professional Music: Performance Musician Honors

  • Advanced Professional Music: Vocal Artist Honors

  • Calculus Honors

  • Chemistry Honors

  • Chemistry II Honors

  • Economics Honors

  • English 3A Honors

  • English 3B Honors

  • English I/II Honors

  • Environmental Science Honors

  • Honors World History A

  • Honors World History B

  • Pre Calculus Honors

  • Professional Film Honors

  • Professional Musical Theater Dance Honors

  • Professional Performance Artsit Honors

  • Statistics Honors

  • US History Honors

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