Technology Support

When you need help with your Chromebook or any other technology associated with your classes, please contact Encore's IT Helpdesk at or by calling 760-956-2632.

Some of the technical tools that are used regularly with Encore are:

  • Google Classroom for posting assignments, sharing resources, and one of the places where completed work is uploaded.

  • Zoom is used for live sessions, student discussions, and collaborative work

  • is used as the "workbook" for all of the classes on campus.

  • Cyberhigh is used as the primary textbook for most classes on campus.

  • There are also some program specific resources that are used on campus (Like Science Alive!, CK12, and Somos)

If you have any connectivity issues, please contact the school immediately. We do have solutions for students that are having troubles accessing the internet and their classes.

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