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Encore uses a variety of communication resources for students, staff, and parents.  It is important as parents and students to make sure that you are signed up for these various school communications.  


  • Constant Contact: Encore periodically uses a mass email system to send communication to parents and students.  There are a few different resources that are used, but Constant Contact is an email system that is used for global communications like snow days.  

  • Aeries: This is the parent portal where you can check on student progress and attendance.  Teachers use the mass email feature in this platform to notify students and parents when grades have been updated in the system.


  • Remind: This is a text service that is used throughout the campus for teachers and special teams.  Parents can opt in to any class or team Remind.  This is the only appropriate platform for text communication between coaches and students and should be used only during regular business hours and days. (Exception when students are at competitions, field trips, or practices).  Students are given codes to Remind by their coaches and teachers and they are often posted in teacher Google Classrooms.  Counselors also have Remind for each of their grade levels.

  • Textemall: This is a platform service that Encore uses to send global text messages to the entire group.  This is the platform where important updates, like snow days, will be issued via text message.  If you opt out of Textemall or Callemall, the school cannot reinstate your access to these notifications. 


  • Callemall: Periodically, usually about four times per month, a mass phone call is sent out to the families and students to make everyone aware of upcoming events and deadlines. This mass phone call system is also how Encore alerts families in the event of an emergency or snow day.  If you opt out of Textemall or Callemall, the school cannot reinstate your access to these notifications. 


  • Almost daily, Encore posts a blog on the website that hones in on a specific need or detail that is happening on campus.  No one is automatically subscribed to this service, but we highly recommend a subscription for all students, staff, and parents.  This blog is an opportunity to share more in-depth communication with parents, staff, and students. 


  • Facebook: Encore has two separate Facebook accounts - Encorehighschools and Encoresocial.  Encorehighschools is used by the administration to share official information regarding the campus and operations.  Encoresocial is operated by ASB and has more fun accounts of what is happening on campus. 

  • Instagram: Encore has an Instagram account is encorehighschools and is maintained by ASB.

  • YouTube: Encore has a YouTube channel EncoreTV where many videos are posted by Encore's student media team post videos regularly. 



  • HD Daily News: Executive Director, Dr. Sabrina Bow, sits down with Andrew Caravella on Talk 960 AM in the High Desert on September 17, 2022. Dr. Bow addressed past problems, remedies and the vision of the future. The interview can be found here, cut into 3 short parts.

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